IKF is a non-profit organization whose mission is to further grow and promote Karaoke worldwide. To develop Karaoke at all levels and ages, promote the health and social benefits of singing through Karaoke, organize international competitions, and make, amend, and uphold the rules of competitive Karaoke.

What is the IKF Karaoke Cup?

The Karaoke Cup is an international amateur singing competition.

Who Can Try Out for IKF Karaoke Cup?

A contestant must represent a single country. They must have lived in the country for over 3 years or have citizenship (i.e. a national passport and social security number) of the country they are representing.

Is there an Age Restriction?

The minimum age qualification within the IKF Karaoke Cup is 21.

What defines an “Amateur” singer?

An amateur singer is one that does not perform for a living making their income in a professional capacity. Does not have a signed recording contract as a singer with a professional label and/or does not have a manager.

What if I perform occasionally?

If an entrant meets the above criteria but performs occasionally, used to perform professionally, or has a CD release, they cannot have previously signed a major label recording deal within the past 5 years. If they have a CD or recordings available to the public, they must have paid for the entire production themselves, i.e. it is not the result of a major label recording contract within the past 5 years to be eligible for amateur status.

Can I do this competition and other ones at the same time?

Yes, a contestant can participate in any other competition simultaneously but must be available for all the dates for the Karaoke Cup at all levels. We encourage our singers to seek out other opportunities for themselves.

What if I participated in a major vocal TV show?

Participants in major vocal television shows will be considered amateur singers as long as they did not win the show they were on, were not included in the final rounds of the competition, and were not given any contractual obligations.

Do I have to try out in person?

Not necessarily, if you would like to represent your local venue and then your state on an official team at the IKF Karaoke Cup you must try out in person at an official Local Venue. Some video auditions will be accepted throughout the season.

Where will the World Finals take place?

The IKF Karaoke Cup will be held LIVE on stage in Seattle, Washington in Fall 2023.

What are the prizes for State, Regional, and National Champions?

There are prizes and benefits for competitors at each level of the competition. Certain State, Regional, and National Champions will receive airfare and accommodations for the World Finals in Seattle, Washington. Please reach out to your State General Manager for the prize information for your local competition as this will vary per Venue, State, or Country.

Are there Prizes for winning the Karaoke Cup?


1st place: $5000

2nd place: $2500

3rd place: $1000

Is there a cost to enter the competition?

Each contestant (US only, International check with Country) must register online at a cost of $20 for each try-out.

Are there additional costs for the competitors?

Any costs not associated with the prize package provided will be incurred by each individual singer. 

What is the time commitment for finalists?

Finalists must be available for travel to Seattle, Washington. Karaoke Cup World Finals will be held over a 3-day period.

How are winners decided?

Winners are decided by a panel of qualified judges at each step of the competition. Some fan voting may also affect the ranking of singers.

What is the judging criteria?

Judging criteria is available on the website, karaokecup.org

I know of a venue that should be a part of the Karaoke Cup. How do I get them involved?

Please have them reach out to us at info@karaokecup.org

I’m interested in becoming a sponsor for the IKF Karaoke Cup. Who do I contact?

Please have them reach out to us at info@karaokecup.org

Where can I direct additional questions?

If you have additional questions, please reach out to your State GM, or email us at info@karaokecup.org